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Winter's Journey £6.00
2004 - SKYECD 29
Delivery UK: £2.00
Delivery International: £4.00

'A seasonal journey through northern lands' Winter Morning - Daybreak/A candle end - Steel on ice - All Hallows/The Hawthorn and The Oak/First snows - Lagavulin - Lagarfjlot/Towards a distant shore - The guiding light - Morning Lullaby - The Golden Bough - Cave of ice - Nordland - High above the snowline - Cold east winds - Evening Lullaby - Briksdalsbreen/The deep caverns - The moon's rim - On Friendship's shore - Shadow of the pines - Kellingir - In the lamplight - Candlemas - Edge of day

"Music of immense beauty" - Rambles (U.S.A.)

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