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Music for Old Time Dancing Vol 3 £5.00
2012 - BONS CD 703
Delivery UK: £2.00
Delivery International: £4.00

The Angus Waltz / Ragtime Swing / The Royal Minuet / The Alberts (5 Figures) / The Imperial Waltz / The Imperial Two Step / Broadway Quickstep / The Royal Cotillion (3 Figures) / The Stern Polka / The Eileen Waltz / The Jazz Twinkle/The Chadwick / The Baden-Powell / The Kilmorack March / The Berlin Polka / Men of Hoy / The Chrysanthemum Waltz / Waverley Two Step / Bonnie Lassie Party Dance.

"Essential recordings for any Old Time/Social Dance Club from the legendary Freeland Barbour" - MusicinScotland

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