Back in Step
The 2nd CD from The Occasionals with Freeland Barbour, Malcolm Jones, Kevin Macleod, Gus Millar, Neil MacMillan, and Mairi Campbell.

As a companion to this CD see also the Booklet of Dance Instructions ("Back In Step").


1. Grand March

2. Boston Two Step

3. Flying Scotsman

4. Hesitation Waltz

5. Jacky Tar Two Step

6. Circassian Circle

7. Lomond Waltz

8. Baden Powell

9. Hullichan's Jig

10. Duke of Perth

11. Russian Ballet

12. Friendly Waltz

13. The Haymakers

14. Gypsy Tap

15. Southern Rose Waltz

16. Drops of Brandy

17. Call of the Pipes

18. Orcadian Strip The Willow

Back in Step
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