One of the best-selling recordings of ceilidh music ever but no longer available. This was The Occasionals first recording and the band consisted of Freeland Barbour, Gus Millar, Neil MacMillan, Kevin Macleod, Malcolm Jones, Jim Barrie, Charlie Soane, Brian Millar, and Ally MacIntyre.


1. Gay Gordons

2. Eva Three Step

3. St. Bernard's Waltz

4. Dashing White Sergeant

5. Military Two Step

6. Canadian Barn Dance

7. Pride of Erin Waltz

8. Strip The Willow

9. Britannia Two Step

10. Waltz Country Dance

11. Cumberland Square Eight

12. Highland Schottische

13. Swedish Masquerade

14. Virginia Reel

15. The Foula Reel

16. The Veleta

17. Eightsome Reel

18. Last Waltz

1992 - IRCD 021