Music for Old Time Dancing Vol 4
The 4th release in the series of music for Old Time dancing.


1. Chicago Swing: Jambalaya (On The Bayou)

2. The Ruby Waltz: Rose of Clare / The Greenfield Waltz

3. The Palais Stroll (Barn Dance): Anything Doin'

4. The Lancers (Quadrille), Fig. 1: Here's to the Maiden / The Rollicking Irishman

5. The Lancers (Quadrille), Fig. 2: Camptown Races / Jingle Bells

6. The Lancers (Quadrille), Fig. 3: The Gambolier / We Won't Go Home Till Morning / Billy Magee Magar

7. The Lancers (Quadrille), Fig. 4: Upidee / There Is a Tavern In the Town / Marching Through Georgia

8. The Lancers (Quadrille), Fig. 5: See the Conquering Hero Comes / Solomon Levy / Come Landlord Fill the Flowing Bowl / John Peel / Old Folks at Home / Massa's in da Cold Cold Ground / Ho-ro My Nut-Brown Maiden / Riding Down from Bangor

9. The Lilac Waltz: The Crocus Waltz

10. Saunter Together: Caledonian Gem

11. The Kitchener Two Step: Shetland Shells / The Tea Gardens

12. La Rinka (Waltz): La Rinka

13. The Lambeth Walk (Novelty Dance)

14. Malcolm's Golden Two Step: Jimmy Malcolm's Two Step / Kathleen Malcolm's Two Step

15. The Silver Wedding Waltz (Modern Waltz): Skyline of Skye

16. Midnight Tango: Kirkgate Tango

17. Destiny Waltz: Eileen Alannah

18. La Tempête (4 x 48 Bar Reels): La Tempête / Danielsson in the Patriots Pit / Goff and Judy Cantley's Reel / Malcolm and Angela MacDomhnaill's Reel

19. The Hurndilla (Waltz): Daisy Bell / Bless 'em All

20. The Newton Two Step: The Housegarth Two Step

21. The Queen's Waltz: Jessie Stuart (The Queen of the Dance)

22. The Vamp (Foxtrot): Goodnight Irene

23. La Camelia

24. Comin' Through the Rye (Waltz): Comin' Frae the Toun / Low Down in the Broom / The Caledonian Hunt's Delight

"More great music for Old Time dancing from the accordion wizard"
— Musicinscotland
Music for Old Time Dancing Vol 4
2012 - BONS CD 704
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"More great music for Old Time dancing from the accordion wizard"
— Musicinscotland