An t-Eilean Àrd - The High Island
Accordionist and multi-instrumentalist Freeland Barbour has for long been one of the leading figures in Scottish traditional music, and has been honoured by The National Association of Accordion and Fiddle Clubs and inducted into The Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame. These recordings combine many well-loved Gaelic and Highland favourites with some of his own distinctive compositions. Add to this mix, on six tracks, three of the finest fiddlers ever to come from Scotland and you have a veritable feast of good music

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Alison Smith (Fiddle) The doyenne of Scottish dance band fiddlers, Alison is also in great demand as a fiddle and violin teacher. She and Freeland play together in The Occasionals dance band, and also as a duo. 

Ian Hardie (1952-2012) A leading composer and fiddle player, Ian was a member of the ground-breaking Jock Tamson’s Bairns, and also The Ghillies and The Occasionals. Ian and Freeland played together in the latter two groups and also as a duo for many years. 

Iain Fraser One of Scotland’s finest fiddlers, Iain has also made a great name for himself as a teacher. Iain and Freeland have played together both as a duo and in The Occasionals band.  



1. An Birlinn Latharna

2. Gavin Gray/Sandy Coghill

3. The Lads wi’ The Delicate Ears

4. Cille Mhoire

5. Gille Chaluim

6. The Piper’s Wedding

7. Miss Wharton Duf

8. The Dark Island/Chi mi na mòr-bheanna

9. Highland Area’s Salute to ICAS

10. Gràdh geal mo chridh’

11. Cailean Maclean’s Welcome

12. The Argyllshire Gathering/An t-Eilean Àrd

13. Eilean Fraoich

14. Katie Jane of Lewis/O’er The Bows to Ballindalloch/An Muileann Dubh

15. Tràigh Orasaigh

16. Malaclete/The Shallow End

17. An Eala Bhàn

18. Mi ’n seo nam ònar/Mo rùn geal dìleas/Mo nighean donn bhòidheach/Soraidh leis an àit’

19. The Banjo Breakdown/Carloway Games Night/The Sauce on The Haggis

20. Sean-bheann Bhocht/The Seven Stars

21. Dr. Jean Balfour, Kirkforthar and Scourie/Mo Chuachag Laghach/Hey Ho My Bonnie Lass

"This music breathes, lives, and dances"
— Rootstime
An t-Eilean Àrd - The High Island
2021 - SKYECD61
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"This music breathes, lives, and dances"
— Rootstime